The Carpathian larch vat is a therapeutic and leisure procedure that is special in its benefits, which we are content to provide to our visitors. The vat is stuffed with water and heated with wood to a temperature of 35-40 degrees. The sharp contrast in between the street and the h2o inside adds an incomparable feeling to this procedure. We recommend alternating the bathing method with diving into the snow.

It can also be combined with a sauna – excellent for a big organization. A vat with a capacity of 1700 liters of water is designed for four individuals at a time. Visits to big companies are attainable on a rotating basis. Extra payment – far more than 6 men and women – a hundred UAH. for one visitor. The price consists of 4 towels.

A wood-burning sauna with brooms , or dry steam is an ideal option in the cold season soon after skiing or boarding. sauna Dragobrat In our sauna the temperature reaches 120 levels, which will satisfy the most hardy tub attendant. The sauna will help to improve the wellness of the total physique, treats a lot of diseases, but it also has its contraindications. Aromatic Carpathian organic tea will be an excellent addition to the immune program.

The firebox of our sauna holds far more than 100 kg. basalt stones, so if you would like, you can set up a “Russian bathhouse” with brooms, which we make ourselves from oak, birch and mint. Up to six individuals. Further payment for extra individual – one hundred UAH.


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